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Managing the Mind

On average, our minds tend to wander about 50% of the time. Research has shown that not only does this have a negative impact on overall performance; it also results in a lower sense of well-being. 

The wandering mind primarily contemplates past events and attempts to predict the future. While it does this, conscious focus shifts away from our other senses and our immediate environment. 

In this course, your team will learn effective strategies that will allow them to bring their focus back to the task at hand faster and for longer periods, helping them manage stress and distraction. Meditation and mindfulness training has also been shown to strengthen the brain's circuitry involved in concentration as well as significantly increase overall mental health.

They will also learn the theory necessary to better understand the mechanics of attention, and how to use focus and communication more effectively as a team.


Meditation for Businesses 


Together, we will create bespoke training sessions, giving your team the space and time they need to learn and integrate these techniques into their daily lives.

This can range from 1-2-1 lessons, group classes, online workshops, weekend trips and retreats.

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