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To Self-Actualise is to overcome your limitations and realise your potential through the fulfilment of physical, mental and emotional needs.

Your self-actualisation inspires the self-actualisation of others,
making it universal.


The fulfilment of needs is dependent on your ability to interpret and respond to mental and physical signals.

The better you understand the language of your body, mind, and emotions, the easier it is to fulfil your needs. 

You can enhance this ability by developing your perception awareness with meditation. 


The course aims to offer this teaching without imposing any ideologies onto the participants and focuses solely on the practical application of the techniques. Only the theory deemed necessary to understand the aims of the practices are included in the syllabus.​



The mind course is structured into steps, through which you progress by attending weekly training sessions.  To progress to the next level, you are encouraged to complete a number of sessions independently between sessions.

The focus is on helping you build a sustainable practice that you can integrate into your pre-existing daily routines. You can monitor your progress through our app, which will also send notifications, keeping you on track.  


During group sessions, you are taught individually so that you can progress through the course at your own pace. This allows all levels to be taught simultaneously in a dynamic and flexible learning environment.

Breath Awareness

Gaining awareness of the breathing process and its effect on the mind and body

The Technique

Body Awareness

Developing interoceptive & proprioceptive body awareness

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Full Structural Awareness

Integrating all three techniques into a seamless practice

Pre-Perceptual Awareness

Experiencing awareness independently from perception

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